Selecting "Standard Room" or "Deluxe Room"?

Types of hotel rooms that you can choose when you holidaying

Book a hotel room, it looks so easy for anyone, but sometimes we can arrive at a moment, puzzled for a moment, confused to choose what type of room.

Indeed, hotel gave their guest with some type of hotel room with a number of ways, such as Standard Room and Deluxe Room. At such times, you're going to ask yourself, where are the differences?

I think I can look for multiple sources of travel sites, KompasTravel show a difference every type of hotel rooms. Say you want to choose the Standard type, the type of most rooms have standard facilities at the hotel.

Furthermore, the management will raise the level, type above the Standard, usually Deluxe Room, rooms are certainly more spacious than the Standard. Well, start to see the difference significantly, due "Deluxe" means it is more in providing more comfort for hotel guests.

At this point, we will find other types that can be provided by a hotel, according to the mission which is owned by the hotel management to the market segments they are heading, for example, provided other types of higher needs.

There is a type of premium such as Family Room, Junior Suite, Suite, and Presidential Suite. We soon realize that this is adapted to the type of guests staying, Family Room, as the name implies, is suitable for family travelers.

As usual types of rooms, room types for families, consisting of one room with one bed size double beds or king size, well equipped with sofas. Where sofa provided were models is the sofa bed, so the sofa can be used as an extra bed.

Some hotels even have a living room area in Family Room type, and something certain, larger than most standard room.

Now increased to the Suite Room Type, rooms with sleeping areas separated by the living room area, you will find a complete sofa with a table and a television in separate rooms with areas for sleeping. Even more specifically, available pantry.

In addition to this type, then provided Junior Suite Type is usually smaller than the suites.

Well, the bigger the hotel where you stay, you will see a higher type, which is the most spacious room called Presidential Suite, considered to be the most luxurious room. Specifically there are two sleeping areas, two bathrooms, and a living room area, and even a mini kitchen area and workspace.

When going to stay, you'll know for sure that it is the cheaper room type is Standard Room.

Source: KompasTravel
Image: Bagoes D Handoko


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