The Millenials, "Traveling" More Important Than Buy a House

The philosophy of the generation born from 1980 to mid-1990

Tourists in New York

Travelling is important, so they argue, and I myself then think, is that right? Let's argue with them, for them life is something and not the money solely to consider.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to anyone? A change of way of looking at life, that's what I read of a tourist site, KompasTravel, today, based on a study of Airbnb cooperate with the GFK Institute.

This study found that the millennial generation of some of the major countries in the world such as USA, China, and the UK prefer traveling than property assets or vehicles.

Those respondents, some 1,000 citizens of the United States, China, and the UK from 18 to 35 years of age showed a fact that may be difficult to understand by their parents.

Some facts can be presented here.

1. They are the millennial in England, traveling gets higher priority than buying a house and a vehicle.

Although later known, the British millennials still considers saving money more important than traveling to see the world, although the difference is the result of these respondents are very thin.

2. Meanwhile, for the millennial in the United States, is still prioritizing saving, then traveling, the next priority is to buy vehicles, and homes.

3. Now what about those of the millennial in China? They are very fond of traveling rather than saving money, buy a house and a vehicle. It is a remarkable fact, 93 percent of respondents millennial of China stating that traveling is part of their identity.

It's interesting for anyone if one day meet them, isn’t it?

Articles on the travel sites wrote that there is a difference from last year's data. It looks a tendency in the previous year, more than half of the millennial of the three countries more respondents spent their money on traveling.

And the more extreme tendency is for the Chinese millennials, where they even around 83 percent spend money on traveling.

You will be pleasantly surprised at their behavior, unique independence, some 75 percent of respondents from each country choose to create their own itinerary and do it with independent rather than join the tour operator.

Even in terms of taste, 53 percent of them prefer places that are recognized by the local community, for example, a hangout palce for the locals, rather than visiting the sites of the country's best known tourist destinations.

Change is something that is eternal, that is what happened today. Similarly, when traveling.

Source: S Agmasari – KompasTravel, Airbnb
Image: L Priyanti - New York


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