New Snacks in Russia, Trump Roll and Hillary Roll

Inspired by the victory of Donald Trump on 8 November 2016

Kathi Roll, illustration – Image Credit kspoddar via Wikipedia

Donald Trump victory in the US Presidential Election on early November, apparently give an inspiration to many parties, among others in Russia, as was discussed in the previous article in this blog, the welcome of President Putin in Russia.

Likewise, the warm welcome from the creators of culinary there, such as Burger King Russia, create a new kind of burger menu mainstay, Trump Burger.

This time two new dish concoction of Igor Panteleyev presented at Roll's Race Kafé, Moscow, Russia. As the news on the sites, KompasTravel, Saturday, writes about the presence of "Trump Roll," and "Hillary Roll."

Certainly makes the latest creations of Roll's Race Kafé - fast food outlets of small projects in Moscow, with Igor as its main chéf - received applause from visitors, both locals and tourists who visited Moscow last days of this.

According to Igor, a new menu contains a lot of meat, even arguably a bit excessive.

You soon know, Trump Roll made of beef, chicken, anchovies, and potatoes, then all the ingredients dibalur mustard sauce, with little chunks of cucumber and lettuce to partially offsetting the fat collected in each dish.

Meanwhile, Hillary Roll is a mixture of complex materials and salty, such as Gouda cheese, and gorgonzola mixed with meat, olives, cabi powder, dried tomatoes, and onions. Then he wrapped it with oat flour and tortilla cheese, complete with cheese melted on top.

Igor said, citing the news sites Washington Post, Monday, November 7, 2016, this snack to 'honor' the two US presidential candidates, and the US presidential election campaign proved to be a very influential ‘highlight’ in Moscow.

Well, if indeed you were in Moscow at this time, be prepared to Igor dining outlets, and prepare to pay a two-roll with the price of each of the USD 4.

I think the Igor’s concoction soon get the response of the café visitors, "I make this roll based on the character of each. Their biography, as well as what foods they like," he said.

And, the two countries will be fine, then he adds.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, The Washington Post
Image: kspoddar via Wikipedia


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