Don't Do This in Social Media

When you're traveling, especially for the 'millenials'

Tourist in Amalfi, Italy

Traveling is social media, so the assumption that the prevailing among the millenials, and in line with it and then you will see stories intriguing and their photographs scattered on social media, say Facebook, G+, Path, moreover, Instagram and more.

Apparently some things need to be observed, it might be worthwhile you little know, I read an article in the tourist sites, KompasTravel, a few days ago, that the situation was not too good, because some things must be considered.

Then an article written by Abigail Fedorovsky of the Huffington Post, September 10th, 2016, on the terms that should be applied, do's and dont's in social media when you are traveling.


1. Trip documentation

Do it when you've been back home before work routines get you. And, maybe you can forget all the moments of the holiday, just immediately upload to social media sites.

Zatar Labneh, culinary specialties of Doha

You can post images of travel and food that you taste during the trip. Remember, not all social media users want to see your face covering the screen!

2. Media for communication

Communicating with family members at home, for example through Whatsapp application or other applications, and indicate your position now.

3. Download the social media that used by the locals

Each country of destination has their social media that is loved by the citizens. For example traveling to Thailand, you can download and use Instagram or Line compared to other social media.

This needs to be done in order to facilitate communication with the locals, met on the trip and then be able to communicate through a chat application that they use, so it gets a lot more information about attractions.

4. Travel advice

Instagram can help when you want to find a hotel to stay, or find a place to eat local specialties, as it comes with geotagging and hashtag features.

Through a photo of your current location and then write your question in the column caption, geotagging and the hashtag will allow local residents to know where you stand.


1. In-block

Go with good regulations of each country concerned about social media. Avoid indecent photographs. You need to know what should and should not be posted on social media as soon as you arrive in the destination country.

2. Too often see the gadget screen

Should not do it constantly, because you're traveling and it's time to blend with the surrounding environment.

The Maastricht Carnaval, Netherlands

3. Post photos of other people in social media without permission

You should've asked for permission to others if you want to photograph them, as a form of respect. Indeed, local residents are always interesting as objects photos, ask for permission, after which you can post on social media.

After learning some of the basic provisions, in a journey you will be more intense and interesting. Understanding all is well, and ease the journey itself.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, The Huffington Post
Image: Gina Lasiasari, Titania el Rosda, Pingkan Djayasupena


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