8 Instagrammable Airports in the World - 2

Unique things around and the airport interior which is the object of the tourists spots photo

Check-in Counter, Sydney Airport

Selfie on the airport which is then uploaded by the passengers to various social media sites, especially on the Instagram. Travelers who just got off a plane including the passengers immediately know interesting things around them.

They, as if the passenger has a special radar while in the airport, they saw the surrounding atmosphere, the unique shape of the building, local architectural style that characterizes, even passing the bustle of the passengers can be the object of interest.

This article is the second part of the previous article citing the sites detikTravel, Tuesday, November 15th, 2016, according to the results of a news release on the sites Wego, about the most exist airport in Instagram.

5. Sydney Airport, Australia

The interesting things from this airport is the landscape around the airport, the sun in the morning and the written saying, 'G'day, Welcome Home' at the arrival terminal, including the impressive design of the Qantas First Class Lounge.

Wicks said, "The Sydney International Airport has an impressive number of tags location of the users of Instagram, the most popular photo is the aircrafts parked on the tarmac."

6. John F Kennedy Airport, US

This airport is always preferred by the New Yorker, because there are some interesting object, such as airports bustle atmosphere, then its unique animals toilet photograph that include a fire extinguisher, the stylish Shake Shack kiosk and the subway picture.

"The new facility of John F Kennedy Airport New York in the form of animal toilet equipped with small fire extinguisher is currently popular in Instagram," said Wicks.

Hamad International Airport, Doha

7. Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar

They have an unique art installation depicting a typical Middle East, for example Oryx Sculptures and Playground, also the sculptures of African animals, such as antelope and deer.

Wicks of Wego commented, "International Airport Hamad in Doha, connecting Europe and the Middle East to Asia and around the world, this year being widely highlighted in Instagram. Giant Teddy Bear works of Urs Fischer at the departure terminal and the iconic giant travelator dominating object in Hamad International Airport."

8. Haneda International Airport, Japan

This airport pamper their passengers with Koji-Edo style shopping atmosphere in lined with typical Japanese stores in the international terminal and a variety of Japanese cuisine in the departure terminal.

"Tokyo's Haneda Airport has a very large Market Place in Terminal 2, which is a unique curved design become the main attraction among the travelers."

Indeed, at the end of the tourists a unique experience can give a different impression when they took photos at various airports of the world. Social media is another form of expression for those with friends, and it’s so blissful!

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Source: A Farhan - detikTravel, Wego
Image: JE Tobing, Titania el Rosda


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