Cancel Sale, Headphanie Gets More Viral

Special edition of Hennessy purple labeled products taken from the lyrics of a song

Tempranillo, illustration - Image Credit Mick Stephenson

OOOUUU, is the title of a song from Katorah Kasanova Marrero, better known as Young M.A. draws attention alcoholic beverage products, Hennessy with their latest products, Headphanie.

You might ask why is this so? True, this is an unique name, inspired by the lyrics of the song the rapper, 24-year-old woman Brooklyn native who sang the lyrics, "You call her Stephanie, I call her Headphanie."

Interesting article on the weekend, which is reviewed by Foodbeast, wrote that beverages with an alcohol content of these had circulated in the market, and you can find some sites, such as online stores Lilac Company.

When already circulated information on the Internet, the community of fans of alcoholic drinks as these will easily find it, according to XXL Mag, Headphanie also sold in the store 24 Liquors and Sweeney's 23 Hour Liquor Store, in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

I could tell when the rapper, Young M.A. can accept the idea of the lyrics of the song, then became a brand of drinks, it was fine for everyone. I thought it’s okay, if not yet give an official response about the drinks, although according to the recognition of the Lilac Co. states already contacted the manager of the rapper.

But. Somehow then, after giving the statement, Lilac Co. even cancel the sell of Headphanie. They provide such information via their official Twitter account.

"All the products have been exhausted and all the bottle is not on the shelf," wrote @LilacCompany account, and moments later they remove the tweets.

The din in social media, such as excerpts from a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, rapper 50 Cent also upload photos via his Instagram account, "This is a fine waiting to happen. Lol," and then he also delete these tweets.

Headphanie then indeed rare to find, but the fanfare has occurred, the drink is even more viral in cyberspace. The netizens who still keep a stock of drinks proudly flaunt in their timeline.

When you can’t get it to this point, may buy warm clothes reads "I call her Headphanie." It’s also cool!

Source: A Putra - CNN Indonesia, Foodbeast
Image: Mick Stephenson via Wikipedia


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