Avocado fries, new menu at Sam's Chicken

Restaurants were also told "how to make avocado fries"

Sam's Chicken, London

Assorted snacks at leisure can be a way out of the deadlock when you get home from work in an afternoon which was annoying, and it was a weekend, when the right look for a fresh drink or maybe a glass of beer, and do not forget to eat chips or fries.

Interesting article on the site, CNN Indonesia, a main restaurant with a menu of chicken, Sam's Chicken in Holloway Road, offers a new menu for traveller guests in the city of London, especially for professionals coming home from work at night. This is the "avocado fries" is an alternative healthy snack that seems to attract many consumers.

The new menu has always been a concern to many people, they enjoy it with enthusiasm. Similarly, specific review on the sites Lonely Planet, the menu is said to be a blend of soft texture of avocado with crunchy fried flour makes this snack was unique.

Surprise for the customer, the owner of the restaurant and then uploaded through Instagram account @alldeliciouscom about "how to make avocado fries".

They explain how to prepare avocado fries. First. You just need to mix the avocado slices with salt, sugar, lemon juice, and chili powder.

Second. You have to make a dough of flour that will coat the avocado when fried. Mix the panko flour (flour of breadcrumbs) and salami in a food processor until reduced to powder.

Third. Take a piece of avocado that has been seasoned and dip in flour, beaten egg and panko flour mixture and bacon.

Fourth. Grilled avocado in a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.

Fifth. To create a menu Avocado fries is much more enjoyable, by making the additional sauce of mayonnaise, chili sauce, yogurt, nutmeg, parsley, and lemon juice. Then mix the sauce ingredients, apply on it and serve together with avocado fries.

Furthermore, you will be in a different atmosphere, nothing is wasted, because a new menu has been prepared and presented in front of you. Your evening will pass with fun with friends.

Source: M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: Edward Hands via Wikipedia


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