Holiday Prep with Your Pet

Do some research in advance to a travel destination

The pet with her master

Holiday with pet can indeed be regarded as a great holiday, if you love your precious animals, such as dogs, it was hard to leave them at home.

Despite the hassles that may occur when your beloved pets participated in trips to vacation spots. If you wish to bring pets so big, so you need to do a lot of effort and preparation.

An article on the site KompasTravel wrote in bringing a pet is to make sure documents required by the destination country are met. If instead you will experience a nightmare in a country that is not friendly to animals, a country that has a record of rabies and disease-prone animals.

1. Pet Relocation

A kind of agency services that help prepare documents and requirements for sending pets. Some ways through the shipment of animals, such as cargo.

Prepare documents, generally a health certificates from veterinarians and permit exit and entry permits for the animals.

Some countries embed "microchip" in animals, a kind of detection devices implanted in animals to determine the existence and condition of the animal.

2. Consultation and veterinary inspection

Implementation of the complete vaccine, namely parvo, distemper, coronavirus, Bordetella and rabies.

According to a businesses 'pet relocation', Havi, interviewed then said, "For the purpose to Europe, Japan, Hawaii, Australia should test the titer of rabies in lab recognized by European and international levels. After that there is also a waiting period before animals can get into the country."

3. Research on the country of destination

You want fun with your beloved pets, so it needs some sort of a research effort of its own, you must know with certainty, that a country friendly to pets.

Some countries and regions are friendly to dogs, such as Europe, Japan, America, and Russia.

4. Flights

Have a guarantee of airlines to accept pets through the cargo before you buy a ticket. Some airlines do not accept cargo for snub-nosed dogs, such as boxer breeds, shitzu, and bulldog.

"Snub nose is very susceptible to long distance flights," said Havi.

According to the article, need to find the airline that allow to bring pets in the cabin. While the use of cargo cage size 1 times larger than the size of the dog.

It is quite heavy your efforts to bring pets, but all can be paid when they did eventually take part in your great trip.

Source: F Abdurachman – KompasTravel
Image: G Harcourts


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