Sadistic Foods in the World. You Want To Try?

The type of food that gets harsh criticism of the organization of animal activists

Korean cuisine Sannakji - Image credit LWY

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal (PETA) has repeatedly reached protests against the not feasible and terrible practice of serving certain foods. I think you will agree with the practice of 'sadism' occurred.

Indeed, lately seen there is a certain tendency of the few restaurants in the world, as quoted by the sites Dailymail, they present unique food, even sadistic. Eg restaurants in the United States serving octopus alive to their consumers.

Now you can imagine, the article reviews on a travel site about how the presentation is considered unusual and terrible.

1. Octopus alive comes from South Korea

The chéf will present sannakji by cutting off the tentacles of an octopus (still alive) until the tentacles run out, then he's slashing of the octopus.

Sannakji usually served with soy sauce and sesame oil, even small and medium sized octopus are also ready to be served alive without slashed.

According to Daphna Nachminovitch, Vice President of PETA, "Octopus has a sophisticated nervous system which is responsive to pain. So actually octopus suffer pain that is only for the experience of eating a heartbeat."

2. Frogs skinned alive in Japan

The chéf (besides fish as one option for sashimi dish) would stab the frog, cut off heads, and skinning live frogs to be served on plates that contain ice, soy sauce, and lemon slices.

Just imagine the horror, in a video in one of the restaurants of Tokyo, which is skinned frog legs keep moving and its eyes still blinking.

3. Baby mice dipped in hot oil in Guangdong

The dish called San Zhi Er and reportedly has been around since 1949, infant newborn rats and then immersed in hot oil into a famous dish from the region of Guangdong, southern China.

Shan Zi Er means three squeaks, which comes from the sound that arises from the dish. The first tweets arising from a knife, second of hot oil dye, and a third time into the mouth.

4. Shrimp buttered and burned alive

The food was well-known in countries such as Vietnam, Denmark, and London, UK. The shrimp was cooked with a cooking technique, shrimp buttered and burned alive on a fire.

5. Yin Yang fish of Taiwan fried in hot oil

First the head of the fish wrapped in a wet towel, so the fish still can breathe, then the body of the fish is dipped into hot oil fryers alive. The next stage of the body of the fish smothered in sauces and ready to be served at the plate while still alive.

Dishes made from fish alive is commonly found in the eastern part of Asia.

6. Serving the brains of monkeys in the Asian region

Live monkey head clamped on the table of the guest customers and then the skull is opened. The customer is ready to suck monkey brain fluid in a state alive. Terrible!

7. Ortolan birds who drowned in armagnac in France

Illegal dish is done by confining the Ortolan birds in cramped cages for a month, then the birds fed grapes also fig leaf to fat and it can not move freely.

Furthermore, the birds will be drowned in armagnac (a type of brandy) and baked for eight minutes.

Consumers would eat with its head covered with a napkin for three reasons.

One, to smell the Armagnac aroma, then to close the ritual of eating this mess of other visitors, and third, it is quite absurd, which is believed to hide atrocities eat from God.

You can argue differently, but let us prove by yourselves. Various ways of the world in serving the specific needs of consumers who, although later became controversial.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Dailymail
Image: by LWY via Wikipedia


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