8 Minutes, World's Shortest International Flight Route

Operation of flights served by an airline, Austrian People's Air Group

Sunday night television shows often no longer contains news of a surprise, even some news stations often have a tendency to make a review of the news of the week, and in the last months is quite different.

Say you're watching CNN, the news is always welcomed to be appointed is about US Election 2016, on Tuesday, November 8th.

Interesting to follow this moment, and I took time to browse some of the other news, say a travel site, KompasTravel wrote about a very short international flights in Europe.

They are an airline in Austria, since last Wednesday, serving shortest international flights route in the world. It only lasted 8 minutes!

Other quotes on the Travel+Leisure sites, wrote that the airline, Austrian People's Air Group began the historic flight from St. Gallen-Altenrhein, Switzerland, to Friedrichshafen, Germany. Flights between Switzerland and Germany are scheduled twice a day.

You'll soon find out, they broke the previous record, which is a 10 minute flight from Vienna to Bratislava, Slovakia.

Say you're a traveler who is visiting Switzerland, indeed you can take advantage of this trip with other means of transportation, by car or train. They wrote that if you use a car to travel between the two cities in two different countries, is more challenging.

And will be a lot of interesting sights along the 20 km journey. Travel by car for example, will make you carried around for an hour around Lake Constance.

If you had to use the train you can enjoy many other sights, natural mountains and trees along the railroad tracks, for 2 hours travel time.

CEO of the Austrian People's Air Group, Daniel Steffen describes the airlines to the CNN sites, "Stopover will benefit both tourists and commuters who work on the two sides of the lake."

But. You can enjoy the benefits when using aircraft, air ticket costs around 40 euros, are considered more pleasant for the passengers, rather than the aircraft's fuel load that needs to be prepared by the airline.

Source: KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure, CNN
Image: M Kretyawan


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