Instagram Advantage for the Holidays

Social media is a weapon for the millennial nowadays

Eiffel is one of the favorite in Instagram

Posting in social media is important for the young people of the present age, the millennial, cool nicknames for themselves. And, they like to travel everywhere, as the quote on the site KompasTravel, today, out of nowhere to get the cost, it all seems so easy, work, raise money, and holidays all seem to go away.

They also assume the photo posts on social media is the obligation of fun, and it seems Instagram is one of the most preferred social media

They share travel photos, natural landscapes, culinary and even selfie is their activity. Perhaps a quote from the site Smarter Travel, Thursday, November 3, can show you five ways how Instagram helping their holiday.

1. Follow Instagram account

You can follow some tourist destinations Instagram account. For example on account @Paristour and @Londonculinary (an example is not the actual account)

Accounts that followed helped the location of the tourist spots and locations of new culinary travel, or what's popular on the account, could even ask the admin.

2. Find a local tourism official account

We recommend that you also follow the Instagram account of the local tourism department. For example, Tokyo Tourism and others that you find there.

Official Account of a tourist spot will make it easier when searching for information, especially, eg tourist events and festivals.

3. Interaction

Instagram as a social media make you easily interact directly with ‘cool’ local residents. And you can see their account, build interaction and follow the account.

And ask about travel and culinary destinations, as well as events and festivals that will take place. Of course you can meet and explore his hometown together.

4. Geotag

Geotag shows where a photo was taken. You can search for nice photographs belonging to locals or other travelers, and immediately knows its location. It's easier for you to start traveling to destinations that are specific, even a walk in the surrounding area.

5. Hashtag

As with geotagging, this feature could explore a destination, city name, the name of the destination, food, to events such as music concerts.

You were in Bangkok and can search for the hashtag #Bangkok, this is very helpful when you found pictures destinations could be the next destination.

That happened then, life becomes interesting with the help of social media, and all seemed easy. Although not so for tourists from the more senior and rarely using a smartphone.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Smarter Travel
Image: A Soekirno


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