Glass of Wine Before Smoking Prevent Blood Damage

The study by researchers in Germany are worth considering for smokers

Tourists in Roof Top Bar, Yangoon, Myanmar

Smoking is harmful to health is a sure thing, as happens in life so that the smoker gets increasingly narrow space to fulfill the desire of smokers.

You often look at a variety of places to drink, “hangout” activity which was not complete without enjoying a glass of wine and a cigarette. Likewise in tourist places, smokers are present in various places.

But. A study provide opportunities in a way that looked good, drink a glass of red wine or red wine before smoking. They, the researchers say that its effects can prevent some of the harm caused by smoking.

Citing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, head of research, Dr. Viktoria Schwarz of the University of Saarland in Homburg, Germany, said the purpose of this study to investigate the acute vascular effects of red wine consumption, given the trend of smoking to simply socialize.

They chose the wine, as it is considered to have chemicals that can protect the short-term damage to blood vessels.

The effects of smoking on the blood and arteries of 20 non-smokers who are still healthy, who asked for smoked three cigarettes, and half of them were asked to drink red wine an hour before smoking.

Research shows they will produce a blood alcohol level to 0.75 percent. Drinking wine can prevent the release of micro particles from the arterial wall, platelets and white blood cells, known as a marker of damage caused by smoking.

Perhaps there is impact of this study to attempt to reduce smokers, considering the wine can reduce inflammation and slow the aging process in the cell genetic, telomeration related enzyme, which increasingly form rapidly after smoking.

This was confirmed again, as the quote from the sites The Independent, volunteers who did not consume wine before smoking dropped to 56 percent after smoking, but only reached 20 percent of those who drank wine first before smoking.

Dr. Viktoria Schwarz said, "We found evidence that the consumption of red wine can prevent vascular injury caused by smoking."

Despite this, it is the activity of smokers always visible in many places, including tourist areas.

Dr. Schwarz expects the results of the study is not intended to motivate smokers who only occasionally smoked a cigarette and then likes to drink wine, or the wine drinker to become smokers later.

I think they are, the researchers simply wanted to see the impact and the possible selection of quality life in the future.

Source: Megiza - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: D Asih Abadhy - Yangoon


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