Trump Burger, Arrives in Russia

As part of the menu for the celebration of the victory of Donald Trump

Whopper meal burger - illustration - Image Credit Burger King

Trump as president-elect 45th of the United States is bringing a surprise to the world, and give pleasure to the supporters and sadness for Hillary supporters, and the world did not expect this to happen.

Dramatic event for the world community, as evidence of support from each party. But. Trump has the support of the country to the north, Russia.

This is indeed the case, according to excerpts on the sites The Daily Meal, because Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated on a surprising victory of Trump, and the world was watching all of the television screen.

You'd be surprised if later learned, writes in an article on the sites CNN Indonesia, President Putin was delighted with the Trump victory, but more rousing welcome it comes from the culinary world, such as the restaurants in Russia.

Burger King Russia is one of the fast food restaurant chain that celebrate Trump victory by releasing a new menu, they know this nice moment. The entire creative chef at the restaurant with a new type menu mainstay burger, and the result is Trump Burger.

Through news on Sputnik News, they are, Burger King gave an official statement, "Burger King Russia will soon release a Trump Burger," they announced.

Do you think you can guess what this new kind of burger? Trump Burger is a great version of a variant of the spicy burger. Haha. This of course has its own purpose, this burger is claimed as hottest burger sold in the restaurant which is also known as the "angriest red whopper."

More specifically, they say, Trump Burgers aka the angriest whopper burger is topped with a very spicy sauce, onion rings, sliced jalapenos.

Of the new menu of restaurants in Russia can make anyone, and tourists who are 'holidays in Moscow' must be prepared to eat a spicy flavor outstanding. Prepare the sweet and cold drinks, so you can hold its great spicy flavor.

They, the manager of the restaurant said, "In fact, this is a multiple of two of the angriest whopper (super spicy), the only difference is you can not pick a sauce or other genuine Mexican food (compared Angriest Whopper)."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - Indonesia CNN, The Daily Meal, Sputnik News
Image: Burger King Page


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