Emoji Become New Works of Art at MoMA

Emoji is available in all of today's gadget

The Emoji - Image Credit Museum of Modern Arts

The millennial very familiar with fittings such as emoji, as it becomes one with the facility of their gadgets, so it will be less when a conversation in the gadget does not use it.

As befits daily conversation, use emoji making conversation in the virtual world becomes more lively, funny and interesting. Especially for young people today, the millennials, emoji actually shaped small icons, and efficient showing one's emotions practically.

Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) in New York has been looking at this for a long time, they were, according to excerpts from the sites KompasTravel, Sunday, October 30, sees the art side of that cute icons, they make emoji as their latest artwork. While not all the emoji are elected, the museum is displaying the origin of 176 emoji, which first appeared in cyberspace.

That's right, the idea of displaying emoji in conversations in cyberspace comes first of all, citing the sites Travel and Leisure, October 30, presented by the Japanese provider NTT DoCoMo, the emoji 176 issued in 1999.

It is delivered by Paul Galloway, architects and design specialists MoMA, "Emoji in the beginning created completely functional."

According to Paul at the time, there are specific needs in the presence of emoji and only five icons showing the face of 176 emoji that exist in the early days. As written in the sites New York Times, a Japanese provider companies use emoji for more important purposes such as weather warnings.

The underlying idea is understandable why MoMA judging art side of emoji, they saw on the side of the ancient past of the ancient Egyptian era, namely the hieroglyph manuscript.

"Everything leads us to the way language is used," he said.

The times have changed, all things have become the starting point of creativity in the development of technology, particularly social media, emoji grow and become popular. For example in 2011, Apple introduced a series of emoji for each device.

I think the conversation is to be efficient, like someone who is laughing. Simply write ":D" and it was fun.

Source: Sri Anindiati Nursastri -KompasTravel, MoMA, Travel and Leisure, New York Times
Image: Museum of Modern Arts, New York


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