Naked then Cooking, Famous Peruvian Chéf

Franco Noriega, a controversial chéf who showed off his body shape while cooking

Franco Noriega in his resto "Baby Brasa", New York

'Naked Chéf' is a decent nickname given to him, and can not be avoided if then people will talk about it, especially the netizens in social media, you know that, right?

I think it has always been a public discussion, wherever they are, something outside the norm, even when you're having coffee with a friend. Somehow it will cross talks about him.

Franco Noriega, 27, according to excerpts of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, ordained as the sexiest chéf in the world, because he then upload the new cooking video on chia pudding cooking instructions. Initially you will consider it natural that a quick look, but not how to make the chia pudding with basic materials is concerned by the netizens, especially women, they focus on the absence of clothing on the body of the chéf.

Come on, you'll see he cooks just by using a pair of gray boxer who barely hide anything!

As the quote from the Daily Mail, he said, "First of all, we will mix two tablespoons of almond butter, a cup of almond milk, three tablespoons of sugar, a little cinnamon, and a little coconut milk and stir until blended."

He added, "This is the right recipe for those who do not like sweet foods or dieting,"

You can see the continuation of how to cook the pudding on the internet, but the excitement has spread in such a way, a warm conversation on social media as a result of cooking expertise.

A typical professional that gets a response from the media, especially social media, Noriega moved to New York in 2007 with the hope of becoming an actor, became a model of the renowned photographer Mario Testino. But fate brought him in a unique way, his life changed when people know about his cooking expertise.

The guests at his restaurant "Baby Brasa" in New York, really want to try typical Peruvian menu, though curious to know what is behind the body.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Daily Mail
Image: Franco Noriega Pages


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