9 Facts That You Don’t Know About the "Spaghetti Bolognese"

One of the favorite pasta dishes in the world, and maybe you're the one that loved

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The pasta dish is diverse, but you can choose one of them as the Italian dish, apart perhaps you will be surprised because you will not find there.

When you eat this special dish, you will forget all, so tasty and forget the circumstances around you. I read an article in the tourist sites, KompasTravel about the hidden facts of these foods, in detail also featured on the sites Lonely Planet quotes about nine related facts.

1. Not served with spaghetti

Ragu alla Bolognese is the name of the meat sauce and tomato into Italian specialties. Ragu alla Bolognese usually served with tagliatelle, a fettucine paste-like.

Tagliatelle pasta which is derived from the region of Emilia-Romagna and Marché. The flat ribbon-shaped pasta similar to fettuccine with a width of about 6.5 mm-10 mm.

2. The Italians do not call it 'Bolognese'

Visit the hometown of bolognese sauce, Bologna, the closest type of dish with spaghetti bolognese is tagliatelle al ragu. You can try out how it feels when stopped by the restaurant in its hometown.

3. Have a long history

Tagliatelle al ragu has a history that traces of the 18th century. The first recipe in the book La Scienza in Cucina e l'arte in Mangiare Bene (The Science of Cooking and the Art of Fine Dining) written by Pellegrino Artusi who also uses some ingredients such as truffles, chicken liver, and cream.

4. Bologna or Imola?

Although the bolognese originated from the famous city of Bologna, this sauce is actually derived from a small town next to it. Imola, a city located in the west of Bologna.

5. It contains two types of meat

The original recipe of ragu alla Bolognese not only use beef. The local Italians local will add a pancetta alias smoked bacon to produce richer aroma and taste.

6. Not only tomatoes

Tomato is the basic ingredient of ragu alla Bolognese, a dish that contains many types of vegetables. The original recipe also uses onions, carrots, and finely chopped celery.

7. Do not use seasoning

The original concoction of ragu alla Bolognese did not use herbs, such as garlic and spices such as oregano or basil. Salt is enough to give a taste of this dish.

8. Red wine or white?

The original recipe of ragu alla Bolognese is also used as a mixture of white wine. But you can see more restaurants in Italy that add red wine in a bowl of ragu alla Bolognese.

9. Parmigiano Reggiano

In addition to the Italians only know parmesan cheese as a topping for bolognese sauce. While at first the type of cheese that is most suitable for this dish is Parmigiano Reggiano coming from Italy.

You can further enjoy this pasta dish with either corresponding original tastes of its native country. Culinary riches indeed as one of the ways to know a tourist destination area.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Lonely Planet
Image: hozinja via Wikipedia


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