Most Colorful Cities in the World - 2

Cities in color because of some things, like the scenery, and the styles of architecture

Santorini, Italy

Colored town always characterized by important buildings there, such as homes, offices, restaurants, and even towers and certain types of trees.

Continuing the first part of this article, citing a portal site, Kompas, cities can be affected by several things to be different from most other cities in the world. You will see the scenery, special architecture building, as well as other things such as habits of local residents.

6. Santorini, Greece

A beautiful island located in the southeast of mainland Greece with 15 picturesque village with typical white buildings that attract the attention of tourists.

You can see the stone houses are round and covered with lime flanking the narrow village streets, lime began to be used as a coating walls of buildings in Santorini in the 19th century.

Oia, Santorini

They believe that lime is a material that is easy to find, inexpensive, durable, and oxidize the property at that place.

7. Chefchaouen, Morocco

A small historic town with beautiful blue building is located in the Rif Mountains, northwest of Morocco.

The blue color is introduced to the Jewish refugees in 1930 which is a symbol of heaven and paradise in the Jewish faith, as a sign to live by spiritual balance.

The blue color in this town appear to be different at different times, during the rainy season, Chefchaouen looks like a bright blue waters region.

8. Longyearbyen, Norway

Northernmost city in the world is located in the Svalbard archipelago, Norway taken from the name of John Longyear, an American man who founded the Arctic coal company in 1906.

Building a house in a town of 2,040 peoples is mostly made of wood and coated with paint of different colors to distinguish buildings with permanently frozen soil in town. For mobility within the city, their residents often use snow scooters.

9. La Boca, Argentina

Name one of the residential areas in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina with wooden houses and colorful sidewalk with the friendly pedestrian.

Cities with the community of artists staying here and making colorful city as the background to support their appearance.

You will easily meet people who dance "Tango" making cities increasingly have an artistic aura, and is often used as the location of the photo or painting exhibition.

10. Saint John, Canada

The oldest city in Canada is located in the province of New Brunswick, was established in 1785. Located in the Gulf Fund region, a beautiful and crowd-colored buildings that can be found in the city center.

You can see a row of colored wooden houses known as "Jellybean Row", which refers to the local term used to refer to the row of colored houses in the city center.

They, the citizens of Saint John paint their house with a range of bright colors to still look beautiful even in winter fog.

All loved it. This article completes the first part of this article to cities in Europe and Asia. And, the tourists will love their trips to these cities.

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Source: Kompas, The Mysterious World
Image: E Widi


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