Choking Wire, The French Chéf Sued USD1.3 million

Starting from the presence of a couple of customers, choke by poor quality wire grills

DB Bistro Moderne, New York - Image Credit

Daniel Boulud exposed to the demands of the courts of New York, this is really disappointing moment itself, because getting a case that made him 'hit' demand for compensation of US $ 1.3 million.

Despite this case, he did not expect, occurred in February 2015 and then to a restaurant owned by Boulud, "DB Bistro Moderne" on West 44th Street, Manhattan, New York, which operates since 2001, according to an article on the CNN Indonesia, the pair customers Barry Brett with wife who enjoyed dinner, then an unexpected incident, Brett suddenly felt a foreign object lodged in his throat and was forced to leave the restaurant to rushed to the hospital.

Actually, all went well at first, the dish was presented well, the dinner menu in the form of a plate of coq au vin, or a typical French dishes such as grilled chicken and cooked with wine, mushrooms, and onions.

Citing the sites AFP, lawyers say there is a wire that snagged and make Brett choking, the infection is fatal. True, doctors perform surgical operations expenditure to 2.5cm round wires that allegedly came from the poor quality grills.

Needless to say further, you immediately know that this case toward trial, the jury decided the restaurant was negligent, there was no choice for restaurant owners, Daniel Boulud, chef famous, some costs should be borne, Brett earn US $ 300 thousand, and replace losses due to the pain felt by US $ 1 million, then his wife gets involved, and be entitled to compensation of US $ 11 thousand.

Boulud has been known as the owner of several restaurants with good flavor in the United States, New York since the 1980s, even the big cities, such as Boston, Las Vegas, London, Miami, Montreal, Palm Beach, Singapore, Toronto and Washington.

The moment he did not expect to happen, throughout the long journey of his work in the field of food, for example when you want to savor a gourmet burger. Certainly always remember the distinctive taste of the Daniel Boulud restaurant.

Source: E Priherdityo – CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: DB Bistro Moderne, NY


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