Which Hotels Is Right for You?

7 types of hotels that you can select on a sightseeing trip

Santika Hotel Beach Resort, Kuta, Bali

Places to stay in a tourist area are you're going can be more difficult when you're late to decide, because you can only have certain preferences have you planned long ago.

When choosing a place to stay, it will be a problem and should be discussed with a companion. Tastes may differ, star hotels, and perhaps the choice of friends to save by staying at one, two or three star hotels.

Some types of hotel or place of stay is sometimes create confusion, as it is written on a travel site, the hotel is divided based on the concept. Certainly rating worth knowing that there are at least seven types of hotels where you stay.

Any difference in the end showed rates, facilities and comfort of hotel guests and tourists.


Type a place to stay with a luxurious and spacious building design, often located in the suburbs. Suitable if you go with your partner or family.

Boutique Hotel

The building design is modern and stylish, generally have 10-100 rooms located in the city center. Suitable for those who emphasizes aesthetics.

Chain Hotel

A group of hotels managed by the company or a single group, so it has a uniform service standards. The average location in a commercial area and is perfect for your business.

Capsule Hotel

Type of an unique hotel with rooms shaped capsule, with a capacity of one person. You can see it when were in Japan and a favorite choice for backpackers, as economical tariffs.


The place is ideal for anyone who as if staying at a friend's house, generally located in the suburbs, making it suitable for those who crave tranquility and experience of local communities.


Popular spot for generally the backpackers, as a place to stay with the concept of a dorm with bunk beds. Each room can accommodate up to 20 people. Suitable for tourists who love to get acquainted with new people.


Private house for rent, so there is no limit to the number of guests allowed to stay. Suitable for your vacation with family or a large group.

You will choose one of the seven types of hotel that suits, of course after discussions with a companion or with family members. Your travel trip will be great.

Source: KompasTravel, Traveloka
Image: Santika Hotel


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