'Bake America Cake Again' Trend in Internet

The hashtags are present as an idea for the victory of Trump

Sweet Cake - Image Credit Lux Bite

Donald Trump won a fierce competition for the White House on Tuesday, November 8 yesterday, and the American public will remember the slogan that always delivered in front of his supporters during the campaign, "Make America Great Again."

The culinary and pastries creator immediately welcomed with their exciting ideas, they have a lot new ideas, as presented on the sites CNN Indonesia, citing the sites Crave Online, the culinarist make a breakthrough with their slogan twist "Bake America Cake Again" which is believed to be uniting the blue (Hillary Clinton) and the red (Trump) that makes America split sharply.

You will find a creative person, Sarah Kieffer of The Vanilla Bean Blog when launching the cookbook, along with US Election 2016, with her husband and The Faux Martha, gave birth to the idea of a hashtag, #bakeamericacakeagain.

The idea that looks like tinkering with culinary creations, or specifically how to make a good cake, so that anyone who ate it would be peaceful, and America can reunite face the future together with the new president.

She immediately invited the cooks, especially baker, show off photos of their homemade cake or pastry via Instagram. And you know what happened, more than 100 creations barrage meets Instagram include the hashtag #bakeamericacakeagain.

There is always a joyful welcome, especially for the Trump supporters, and the opposite situation for Hillary supporters, but as it conveys, "This is to bring us together!"

The movement that makes this cake is not just ecstasy for Trump supporter, but also consolation disappointment to supporters of Hillary. You can see the crowd Instagram, even if you're not an expert in baking, enjoy a variety of offerings cake interesting there. You'll love it!

In an interview with Anne Byrn, baker and the author of the bestseller "American Cake" once said, why would she want more cake than other foods?

"Because the cake is indeed an icon of American culture, and have the nature of a celebration."

And the excitement began, vanilla cake, lemon, ginger, chocolate, cinnamon, boozy, Bundt, plated or marble, whatever, said Anne eagerly. Cake does have a special place in the dish, the imagination and hearts of Americans, she said.

Source: V Probo - CNN Indonesia, Crave Online, NPR
Image: Stevi Lee


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