Chéf in Paris Provide Food from Trash

Fregan Pony feed 400 people for free every week

Freegan Pony, Paris

Processing cuisine that is given for free by utilizing the material leftovers discarded by markets in the city center is a wise idea of Aladdin Chami, Freegan Pony restaurant owners.

Paris is synonymous as a city of magnificent and luxurious impression, the latest thing becomes the meeting point of all, superior taste, a gathering place for the world jet set, but Chami thinks otherwise.

Chami said, "Being a Freegan means feeding a person with leftover food ingredients taken from the trash before the food was thrown away," according to excerpts article on the sites CNN.

He wanted something different, a lot of leftovers discarded by markets, then through the restaurant, it serves people who are less fortunate, something different from a classy Parisian character.

Very noble, but rather be criticized by many parties, making the owners of other restaurants, more control over the food-leftovers that they are going to waste.

Excerpts from the sites CNN Indonesia, furthermore he says, "Indeed, sometimes a food that is thrown away it was broken, but many are still of good quality. We do not use materials that have been damaged. Although sometimes we find a single box of tomatoes that have been disabled."

Normally in big cities, Paris is one of these problems, the food waste is increasingly often the subject of conversation, per year more than 1.3 billion tonnes of cereals, milk, vegetables, meat and fish are discarded and wasted unused.

Chami look at all the facts that occurred in the city, then decided to open Freegan Pony with unusual ideas previously thought, as most countries in the world can not provide proper nutrition to the community.

Articles written various his activities every morning, for four days a week, the man from Tunisia brought out into Rungis, the city with the largest market in the world. He chose a food that is returned, because it has exhausted its life service, but still give a very fresh taste.

And, the head chéf and volunteers at the restaurant with caution and dedication to prepare the best dishes, ranging from appetizers, main meals to desserts.

Source: Megiza – CNN Indonesia, CNN
Image: Freegan Pony Pages


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