Wrought Iron Tread Stairs of the Eiffel Tower Sold

Sold in the auction day for 500 thousand euros

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Famous iconic symbol in the city of Paris is the most familiar with the townspeople and tourists who are in this haute couture fashion city, you can understand the interest of people towards the parts of the icon.

You never know what is present in the minds of many people towards a well-known iconic building, say like the Eiffel Tower, the third tallest building there, if for example, offered openly and be allowed to bring parts of the tower.

Through the auction house, said the article written on the portal site, Kompas.com, today, apparently did not stop the enthusiasts to have the parts of the tower, 14 wrought iron tread of winding stairs that once connected the second and third floors in the southeast of the tower was sold for 523.800 euros.

People who are interested in coming on the day of the auction, Tuesday, November 22, 2016, local time and through the auction which lasted dramatic, you know, the auction process is similar to the event to satisfy the appetite of the world class collectors.

When you are there, you can imagine, the offer increased by leaps and bounds in a short time, when it opened at a price of 20,000 euros, citing the AFP, the ladder was also sold well above estimate worth 40,000 euros.

The article writing how the atmosphere in that room, and how the auction takes place with exciting action, one of the Asia through deals via telephone closing the sale, as submitted by the auctioneer, Francois Tajan.

"'The Battle' does not only occur through a phone line, but also occurs in the auction room," he said.

The Eiffel Tower is worthy hunted by collectors, stairs and other parts of the tower were made in 1889, when the legendary French engineer Gustave Eiffel to build a tower as high as 324 meters, and later led him to become an iconic symbol of the City of Paris.

The crowd in the auction room continues, while a different way of hubbub from the tourists around the tower, they also have their own agenda enjoying the splendor of the tower.

Source: Kompas.com, AFP
Image: A Soekirno


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