Special Packages for Travel to Cuba

Country in the Caribbean region is increasingly open to tourists

Havana, Cuba - Image Credit Vgenecr from nl, September 2005

Holidays in Cuba has become a new bid for a variety of travel agents, this country is starting to look more and more attractive for tourists, especially from the American mainland.

World eyes more open, especially after news of the TripAdvisor travel service provider sites open access to Cuba. As reported in the New York Times sites, that TripAdvisor is now providing accommodation search services for United States tourist and the non-US to visit Cuba.

Certainly a positive impact on the increase in tourist arrivals, because the access opening has received permission from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) US Treasury Department.

As reported on the sites CNN Indonesia, permission booking the accommodation ranging from hotels, airlines, cultural tourism, and short-term rentals.

Cuba does deserve attention, as submitted by the TripAdvisor, so they started selling travel packages to Cuba in the next few months.

This was stated by the president and chief executive of TripAdvisor, Stephen Kaufer, "We look forward to helping travelers all over the world get a sense of history in Cuba, its people and culture and we try to make the trip happen."

This country has become a new destination of tourists, the article writes further, more and more news and opportunities of tour packages offer, especially since US President Barack Obama announced in 2014 ago, that the US would restore diplomatic relations that had frozen for decades in the country.

Obama's policy to start a relationship between the two countries within 90 miles South Florida, and will open many other aspects of life, and the one that gets the benefit is tourism.

Steps taken by TripAdvisor make American tourists getting to know the best way to travel to Cuba, allows to make direct sales to tourists.

Along with the permit granted by the US Government, these steps can be re-develop tourism to Cuba, though the reason for the visit is still limited to US citizens, at least one of the 12 reasons issued by OFAC.

Regardless there are other reasons, such as family visits, a program of education, research, journalism, and religious activities, but attention to the world of tourism has always attracted the attention of many parties.

Source: E Priherdityo - Indonesia CNN, New York Times, TripAdvisor
Image: Vgenecr from nl via Wikipedia


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