Vacation with the Beloved Dog

Nancy, a dog lover keep bringing Gizmo to Europe

Waiting for her master

For someone's pet dog has become an indispensable part of one's life, and life becomes incomplete when the dog is not included in daily living activities.

I found an article in a travel site, KompasTravel, about someone who is so in love with her dog, Nancy interviewed by the site, October 29, yesterday.

For dog lovers, it reluctantly when leaving the dog at home alone in order to vacation, so look for an attempt to take the dog on a vacation trip.

She managed to bring her dog, Gizmo, in a vacation to blue continent, Europe, "Happy once can bring. Although must save an extra, but it all paid off to get there."

This is the experience of a few years ago, when bringing Gizmo, became fond memories for her in the course of travel to finally reach Belgium via Amsterdam, Netherlands.

"Schiphol is a pet-friendly airport," said Nancy tells her impressions when she and Gizmo pass through immigration.

She tells all with enthusiasm, because it had to hire a car so her dog feels comfortable in traveling on the continent, started from Amsterdam through long smooth streets in Europe, and then traveled to Belgium.

Different experience when you are in a country that is less friendly to pets, such as dogs, for example. And travel can be a nightmare for anyone involved there. She can be moody all the way.

Nice article on that sites which write a lot of interesting side trips along with a dog, like the story of Nancy, the dog lover, she was once a journalist in a media, humorous stories with her dog, Gizmo can run and jump as much. "My eyes filled with tears until then."

But. If you have a hobby that is similar to Nancy, it is advisable to prepare all properly. Nancy herself said that preparing for the time to meet the documentation requirements.

"The important thing is research. Find out the destination country if it really pet friendly. Including all the requirements."

She said that the documents preparation and requirements made through an agent or pet relocation, kind of agent or consultant of special delivery or transfer of a pet. Good preparation, that's the key.

Source: F Abdurachman – KompasTravel
Image: G Harcourts


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