The Turkey is Not the Original Menu of "Thanksgiving"

Pilgrims used to present a variety of menus, such as venison roast and boiled poultry

The Roast Turkey

Roast turkey was already regarded as the norm in celebrating the Thanksgiving Day, and there is always a dessert that is anticipated by the guests, such as sweet and delicious pumpkin pie.

Nobody would argue with you, when you present a menu of roast turkey, because this has happened since the long time ago.

Through other sources, maybe you'll find different things, citing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, wrote that since the first original menu for Thanksgiving is not a roast turkey.

When drawn to the more distant past in the past, another quote on the sites Niume, the era of the pilgrims, the first traditional Thanksgiving meal was venison roast, various stews, poultry stew, lobster, fish, corn, and wheat bread. In addition, decoction of dried fruit, maybe pumpkin, boiled vegetables, and drinking water.

Of course, this menu is different to that presented in Americans today, certainly all have a reason, because the Americans have a habit of presenting large-sized food as the center of attention, a big turkey also be an option.

According to them is consistent with the concept of Thanksgiving since the beginning, namely banquets in great numbers as a form of thanksgiving. And the presentation of roasted turkey when Thanksgiving, starting since the era of Lincoln in 1863.

Thanksgiving is a special day for Americans, according to Alexander Hamilton that no US citizens who must refrain from the temptation roast turkey for Thanksgiving.

As the legend of yore, this turkey has become common at Thanksgiving until the 1800s, and since 1857, Turkey has become part of the tradition of the dinner menu in New England.

No wonder that later became a popular food in the tradition of Thanksgiving, and also known as "Turkey Day", and make the turkey meet their fate at the dinner table of the Americans.

It's the festive day, but not cheap. Need an average cost of approximately US $ 49.87. You know, it needs a long preparation in presenting a complete dinner with roast turkey.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: Kathy E Tampubolon - California


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