10 Strange Food Phobias in the World - 1

Eating does support health and can be a moment of socialization

Searching for food is a challenging activity, invite curiosity and fun, especially for workers in the daytime office hours at the break.

The situation is more or less the same could happen to the tourists in a tourist area, but things are not as easy as it was when someone from a tourist group suffered from a phobia of food. When that happens, writes on a lifestyle sites, CNN Indonesia, of course the state can be a hassle.

Phobias towards food can be attacked by anyone, including tourists, depending on a number of reasons such as allergies, the effects of weather and other factors.

1. Lachanophobia. A person can feel a kind of phobia, namely excessive worry when eating vegetables. Someone could be affected by the power of his body in the long run.

2. Deipnophobia. Certain people in the world can be overcome by fear of excessive talks over dinner. Conceivably if he prefers to sleep or look for other activities than dinner with the family.

3. Acerophobia. This type of phobia that may be less common, but may occur when someone will be afraid of the sour taste of the food, he would be excessive to that food. They can postpone eating these foods, so the body becomes weak.

4. Mageirocophobia. It is quite unnatural phobias, the cause may be the result of childhood trauma due to one reason or another. Someone afraid of the cooking atmosphere, or the means of cooking, and the types of kitchen utensils hanging in the room.

5. Phagophobia. This can be a problem for a mother, when one of their children living with a phobia of fear to swallow food. Probably never happen something traumatic childhood, when they swallow something that hurts him.

In addition to the five types of phobias above can indeed be troublesome in an environment, as well as when you are traveling, then one of your friends in the course of developing these types of phobias.

Continued to Part 2.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: E Widi


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