12 Best Christmas Travel Destinations - 2

Traveling through the end of the year from a variety of Christmas-themed destination

Hangout place, Barcelona

Christmas holiday is difficult to resist, a moment that brings a sense of fun to the whole family, you want to talk with anyone. Christmas tourist destinations draw has been waiting at the end of the year as something special.

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Travelers will be brought at the celebratory atmosphere nativity scene of Jesus Christ, as if back in time 2,000 years ago, complete with oil lamps, the grazing animals.

You can celebrate Christmas with local residents with all the trappings of Christmas around you, such as the area that teach traditional skills and folklore, a tavern, and the birthplace of Jesus.

Barcelona, Spain

Enjoy the complete Christmas moments there until Three King's Day on January 5, 2016, there's no better place to visit Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthazar in Barcelona.

The enthusiasm of local residents welcomed the celebration of January 4, 2016 night by turning cannon, fireworks, parades of camels, elephants, giraffes, unique costumes along the way.

Quebec City, Canada

If you love the Christmas atmosphere in the open, this is the right place, the city region is bustling with activity, and there is a holiday program for all ages.

Bring all the family members to the Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix event, climbing with family, skiing, and ride car at high speed in the snow of Nord Expe.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Christmas is different in the northern countries, for example, 13 "Yuletide Lads" (Santa Claus) who give gifts to children for 13 nights before Christmas.

Black Church, Iceland

You can visit Yule Town Christmas market in Ingolfstorg, when visitors can purchase Christmas gifts, decorations, and other decorations.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Christmas festive decoration with various colorful with the typical atmosphere of Mexico and the uniqueness of the local residents dance wear Sombrero hats.

The city is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with magnificent churches and architecture of the building is still maintained.

Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus has also become a typical city in the United States with a unique Christmas celebration. Their city become the hope of the children who sent thousands of letters in order to meet The Santa.

Thousands of letters is managed by a group of volunteers, Santa Elves - established since the mid-1930s that reply to these letters. Visitors will be treated to a buffet dinner at Chrismast Lodge every Friday before Christmas.

Yes, it's completing the whole part of the article, all destinations for reviews become the best tourist destinations in the end of the year with the whole family, and closest friends in the Christmas rush.

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Source: W Adityo Prodjo - KompasTravel, CNN Travel
Image: E Puspa - Spain, V Saver - Jakarta


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