Avoid Drinking 'Wheat' Beer Directly from the Bottle

Wheat beer usually has its own characteristics

Beer with malt ingredients generally be fused part of various brands of beer can you know today in various liquor store, they said it was standard flavors available in a dish of beer at a crowded drinking place.

Well, you may have been planning a 'hangout' event with some friends this weekend, and the ritual of enjoying a beer is part of the event, it will be a cool night.

They are the beer experts know how beer should be served, I read an article on a sites, CNN Indonesia, herb beer in general, which is usually made of a mixture of malt, hops, water, and other content.

You will know how they are, make different potions with the use of a mixture of malt, can be replaced with wheat. They say that the wheat beer has the characteristics of the solution was more turbid than regular beer, the main ingredient and characters of different beers, and it deserves to be 'treated' differently.

As said by the President Director of Stark Craft Beer, B Budhisurya, in an interview with the site, Wednesday, November 2, "When drinking wheat beer, you should not drink directly from the bottle, but it should be poured into a glass."

Rightly so, wheat beer has a 'residual' yeast in the bottom of the bottle. Yeast is what also makes it more cloudy wheat beer, if we pour wheat beer into a glass, perfectly mixed yeast will return to all parts of the beer.

"Before pouring the bottle also must be twisted around slowly. Do not be shaken because later will appear and the carbon-dioxide spill when opened."

Always there is an elegant way to enjoy beer, and not merely to spend a weekend night away, use glass, because the sense of taste and smell makes you feel the quality and flavor of the beer is better.

And the night will pass beautifully when you pour it into a glass of your friends, wider mouth of the glass that will deliver quality beer aroma into the nasal cavity.

It turns out this is true in all walks of life, enjoy a beer in the glass is the same like the art of enjoying wine or whiskey.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: R Gurning


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