Baby Not Recommended for Lap During a Flights

Despite most carriers allow the maximum age limit of two years

Infants in an air flight is a special experience for parents, especially the mothers with babies, and their instinct is to continue to be with and held their baby.

The world’s airlines have their own way to handle this situation, as is written in a tourist site, KompasTravel, November 2, parents should spend more money on extra bench so that the baby is more secure throughout the flight.

With the support of a study of Rainbow Babies and Children Hospital in Cleveland, the United States said that one factor contributing to infant injury in aviation is falling from the lap of their parents.

A mother does have a tendency to embrace the baby, while many things can happen during a flight, particularly in long-haul flights are often exhausting.

Other articles quoting the sites Travel and Leisure, Monday, October 31, that the research made in cooperation with medical and travel insurance companies, namely MedAire, associated with accidents that may occur in children.

Many possibilities can occur in young children in low, accidents, and medical injuries that happen to children (and even up to a maximum age of 18 years) at 80 airlines around the world, ranging from 2009 to 2014.

You can imagine the situation that occurred in a low, say a hot drink in a hurry and then spilled about anyone nearby, so too the soup is too hot is the main cause of injuries that occur in infants under two years of age. Other things such as babies are too active, so it falls on the lap of their parents.

As said by Alexandre Rotta, senior research investigator, "Incidents like this in a commercial airline is quite rare. But for some cases, especially infants in laps, usually occurs when parents eat or during turbulence."

Possibilities unpredictable so it is recommended that parents not to assume their baby, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States recommends that parents ask for Child Restraint System (CRS) to the airline concerned.

They explained that CRS can be a safety seat with a shape like a car seat that will hold and protect your baby in the seat, even though there are parents who bring their own car seat (but must meet FAA rules).

Parents can understand, if an airline advise you to meet this condition.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure
Image: Avsar Aras via Wikipedia


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