Flights Free from Children Cry

How annoying flying dozens of hours while listening to the whining of children

Flying with kids - Image Credit Singapore Airlines

Free small children cabin space to meet adult passenger comfort in an apparently flying can be an attraction for some prospective passengers.

Flights have a special impression to the little kids, they think of it as a happy moment, witness the small world from the window of the plane, but they have limitations.

And, they began to nag their parents. It would be troublesome.

Some airlines understand certain types of passengers, quoting a site Traveller, for example airline from India, Indigo, providing the cabin space 'Quiet Zone' since the beginning of October, free from small children for the convenience of adult passengers.

The airline policy prohibiting young children aged under 12 years old to sit in a first row to the fourth and 11th to 14th in the aircraft cabin. Including a seat near the emergency exit, which is usually close to the row-one, 12th and 13th rows.

"Rows it is intended for business people who want to remain in their position during the flight," the official statement of Indigo in an article on the sites CNN Indonesia.

This policy is not new, since other airlines have implemented similar policies, such as the other Asian airlines, AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines, which apply from the beginning of this year, including Singapore-based airline Scoot.

Scoot airlines even have implemented this policy since 2013 to provide different rates for small child free seating. Although Campbell Wilson, Scoot's CEO said, "We do not intend to threaten the existence of child passengers, or who are traveling with them. There are still a lot of pleasant service from us to enjoy."

But different policies on airlines from the United States and Europe, such as Virgin and British Airways, as they looked at the policy can not be applied to their environment.

They stated that their airline remained friendly for families.

A survey in 2014 ago, according to excerpts from The Mirror, as much as 35 percent of passengers want to pay the extra fare to get small child free seating.

Despite all of that. There is always a best way of airlines, all can fly, all excited, and arrived safely.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Traveller, The Mirror
Image: Singapore Airlines


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