Hotels in Italy Invited Guest for Honeymoon

Through the Fertility Room program campaigns at ten hotels in Assisi

Assisi skyline

Honeymoon in Italy this time apparently got the attention of some tourists visiting the country are deemed to be full of love. That assumption majority of tourists of the world who are visiting this country.

They got the facilities of a city of central Italy, the city of Assisi realized the potential of the surrounding natural areas, I read an article in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia who wrote about the region around the city.

The town is surrounded by beautiful landscapes pampering, a friendly temperature and exotic culinary menu make the region's population of 60 million inhabitants lovingly referred to as a country.

Strategic policy in inviting the presence of the tourists, especially the honeymoon destination, is written on the sites Travel and Leisure, Monday, November 21st, one of the development is to introduce Fertility Room Campaigns in the hotels located in the city of Assisi.

Traveller couples who successfully get pregnant during their stay in one of the hotel are entitled to free travel rewards. They, the traveler couples only just come back to their hotel after the baby is born, as well as bringing the birth certificate.

It looks interesting, because it is associated with gifts of reimbursement stay during their honeymoon or a free stay.

Campaign to give an incentive not only to tourists, but as one of the government's efforts to increase the return fertility rates in Italy, which has declined since the last 50 years.

Of course, such a campaign would receive a mixed response and was considered controversial, though Fertility Room Campaign was made some time ago. On the other side of the city of Assisi is a city quite sacred, because most of the population still adheres to the tradition of the Catholic religion.

Protests still have continued, but the fertility campaign received a positive response from among tourism players in the country. And, tourists will continue to come.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure, The Local Italy
Image: Roberto Ferrari via Wikipedia


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