10 Strange Food Phobias in the World - 2

Phobias to food can not always be fun, because there are special events unexpected

Culinary hunt is a fun activity that is commonly done by the tourists, and sometimes every kind of food is found according to the taste and health.

Travelers enjoy activities in search of food at tourist spots, but things do not always correspond with their expectations. There was a situation occurs when a certain type of food does not comply with health and physical condition of the tourists, and it is called a phobia of food.

Citing articles in CNN Indonesia sites that writes about strange events, went on the first part of the article about phobias food - that can happen to a traveler (or person everywhere) due to allergic factors, effects of weather and other factors.

6. Consecotaleohobia. Phobias are quite strange that descend someone, namely the exaggerated fear to chopsticks. Seems to be due to environmental factors or perhaps a childhood trauma on a typical cutlery from China.

7. Geumohobia. These are examples of phobias are quite strange, because people have a fear of excessively on 'taste' of food. So that when he/she sipped the taste of food, when it also became hysterical, frightened of flavors that make could not control theirself.

8. Arachibutyrophobia. This type of phobia is very personal, because they are afraid of peanut butter stuck to the roof of the mouth. Of course there are reasons why this strange phobia exposed, something strange creeping all over the patient's body, may also be feeling allergies.

9. Thermophobia. Sufferers of phobias generally occurs because of a childhood trauma, is also less pleasant events that occurred at a time. Excessive fear on hot food, because of a shock to the nerves, which then gave excessive psychic pain on the body.

10. Alektorophobia. Certainly whoever does not want to suffer from this phobia, surprising and amusing when someone is afraid to over deliver on food made from chicken, there is always a past event that made excessive trauma. Apart chicken meat can be made into a variety of foods that taste good.

Similarly, the five types of phobias supplement articles in the first section, whoever does not want to experience it. Phobias are really strange, including the embarrassing incident that may occur in a tourist spot, when someone of your friends suffer from this phobia.

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Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: Elizabeth I Sitorus


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