'Bleisure,' How the Millennial Doing Business and Vacation

They. Do not want to be a lonely 'road warrior'

'Bleisure' at Dreamland Beach, Bali

Business trip impresses a way of life today is often seen in many major cities, business people, even most young face, you do not even expect it, they are the millennial.

But. Do not be too impressed yet, as the quote from an article in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, as said by Andi Budd, senior executives of Asia-Pacific at the American Express Global Business Travel, "People think traveling to and fro is a lifestyle that is very glamorous."

You would imagine that? A trip that actually boring. Not as seen in passing.

"The fact that only circling journey from the airport to the office, and then to the hotel, back to the office again, meet clients, back to the airport and go home."

They tend to eat potluck, wants to go fast in a hurry, so do not be surprised when the food eaten most of the menu is mostly junk-food meals.

Articles written more, they are the millennial generation born in 1980 and grew up in the era of 2000-demanding jobs and a better life compared to seniors. They do not want to be a lonely 'road warrior'.

Not surprisingly, according to a survey - mostly aged 20-30 years, involving 250 managers and buyers of travel company reported by The Association of Corporate Travel Executives and American Express, if they demanded 'more' to the lives of employees.

Work, but also get a vacation. Business trips become more flexible, extended business trip schedule in order to continue the personal getaway. More than half want a balance between life and work.

The tendency continues to strengthen, 42 percent said more employees who want a combination business trip with a holiday.

Many companies immediately responded by bleisure, a trip that combines business and leisure.

"If companies can make employees happy while on duty, they would be more productive and loyal," said Andi.

In the future, you will not be surprised to see something different, 46 percent of travel managers - predominantly millennial - they wanted to take the family when they travel agencies.

So it will be common sights a later time, available hotel-style apartments for employees who do a tour of duty. Also allows them to bring their spouse or children.

The times have changed, young people who 'joint venture' using “Uber” than a taxi, take advantage of Airbnb than traditional inn accommodation.

And that time will come, Andi added, "They do not want to look like the young man who sat at the motel while eating McDonald's - they prefer to stay in a comfortable home to share with their peers."

Source: V Probo - CNN Indonesia, American Express Global Business Travel
Image: Marina Ludong


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