Norway, Country with Quality of Life in the World 2016

The release of a survey of 34 countries using 11 parameters

Tourists eating ice cream, Stockholm, Swedia

The countries with the best quality of life seems to be one of the objects of attention of an institution of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) with emphasis on the welfare parameters.

Say you're headed one of this prosperous countries, there is always something that made the difference with other countries in the world, it is generally okay to you feel directly.

Although there is always some tourists in the world, they look for destinations that is a bit risky, but prosperous countries eligible for consideration as a tourist destination.

The agency - quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, learn the 34 countries using 11 parameters that indicate the welfare including the balance in the workplace, financial health, safety, education and quality of the living environment.

Accordance with the data obtained from the United Nations, the National Bureau of Statistics and the Gallup Organization who then issued a list of Country with Quality of Life 2016, according to the news sites of The Independent, these countries are mostly located in the Nordic region.

1. Norway

Still sitting in the top one, just like the last year, they got the best of life, salaries and education is high. The average active life had reached the age of 82 years.

Street of Melbourne, Australia

2. Australia

Australians are very close to socialize, as much as 95 percent of Australians believe that they have someone they always rely on.

3. Denmark

State always provides the highest paid leave in a year. Danish citizens can take off up to five weeks.

4. Switzerland

Total unemployment in the country recorded only 3.1 percent. The country with the lowest unemployment rate in the world.

5. Canada

The country received the highest ranking in the provision of housing, since the 2000s, the government re-zoning to residential, so that the house owner can rent out their empty rooms.

6. Sweden

Swedes have a very high desire to participate in making public decisions, elections recently, as many as 83 percent of the population voted.

7. New Zealand

Country that managed to make the environment as their priority, greenhouse gas emissions in the country is relatively low, with a population that is too little.

8. Finland

Recorded by just 4 percent of employees who take the overtime hours below the OECD average is only pegged at 13 percent.

Coffee at Central Park, New York, USA

9. The United States

This country is in the top rankings for residential areas, incomes and welfare of the average gross household income is US $ 41,071, the highest in the OECD study.

10. Iceland

The country that has a nickname as the Land of Fire and Ice is recorded have a number of workers is only 0.7 percent, below the OECD average is 2.6 percent.

11. Netherlands

Country that has the world's highest ability to read and write. Students in the Netherlands gets a score above average in tests of mathematics, science and reading.

When you look at the above list, making us easily carry on assumptions, these countries have always got the attention of tourists in the world as a tourist destination area.

Source: Megiza – CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro, N Rosdiana, L Priyanti


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