The Extreme Sports You Like!

10 Extreme Sports that currently it is recommended only for professionals

Cliff jumping or diving - Image credit Rhyshuw1

Adrenaline rush can indeed occur when a person feels an irresistible passion, the desire to do something that is not usually performed under normal conditions.

The presence of extreme sports can be one way to raise the adrenaline, reviews on sites KompasTravel, November 28th. Should not for normal people and become more professional preoccupations.

1. Skayaking

This sport combines sky diving to kayaking. You can jump off a plane using a kayak, then start enjoying the sensation in the air like skydiving. Most are found at the top of Lake Tahoe, USA.

2. Body Boarding

Developed by Claude Alain Gailland and Gilles Janin in an unusual location, activity in the glacier, Aletsch, Switzerland. You will face water areas with super-low temperatures and the danger of landslides ice staking this extreme sports lovers.

3. Extreme Ironing

These activities are carried out in extreme places, and first performed by the 17-year-old teenager climbers from Canada, Kevin Kruptizer. You would not suspect, because Kruptizer ironing at rock mountains with an altitude of 354 in Arizona's Queen Creek Canyon.

Developing its activities to other locations such as in the sea depths of England, a frozen lake in Japan, on the car that explores the Sahara Desert, to the ironing when climbing.

4. Cliff Diving

You will find in the La Quebrada Cliff Divers, Mexico. They, experts jumped from a height of jagged cliffs that are not straight, using special jumping style. Because if they jump in a straight line directly to the bottom, then the risk of lives are at stake.

5. Ice Canyoning

The sport is essentially a climbing wall ice using ice axes such assistance without additional security. Those fans often use the area Colorado's Ouray Ice Park in the United States.

6. Swing Bungee Jumping

Extreme bungee jumping with movement against gravity, swung to the right and left side. Grown since 2013 by eight people in Magwa Falls, South Africa with a height of 183 meters.

7. Cliff Camping

Camping at the edge of a cliff and not standing on the ground, but hanging. You can contact Colorado's Adventure Center which provides anti mainstream tent services at a price of USD 1,200 for one person per night.

8. Storm Chasers

Storm chasing near Eads, Colorado - Image credit Stefan Klein

This activity is very dangerous because it had killed three professionals in the year 2013, when chasing El Reno storm in Oklahoma.

9. Cycling one wheel on the mountain

Also referred to as mountain unicycling, known by the public since the 1990s in the United States. Dangerous sports as cycling two wheels, but the frequency of falls higher and more dangerous.

10. Mountainboarding

Snowboarding athletes Jason Lee and Patrick McConnell develop this sport in 1992. Mountainboarding on the mountain with the contours of the land tends to uneven and boards that have been modified.

When you know more types of extreme sports such as this, it is evident that the sport is indeed unusual. More comfortable to enjoy this sport through the television screen.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Daily Mail
Image: Rhyshuw1 and Stefan Klein via Wikipedia


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