The Most ‘Hated’ Cocktails by the Bartender

Fresh cocktails were considered 'annoying' when guests order

Rey del mojito - Image Credit Raimonsocial

Types of cocktails available at the time you were hanging out with some friends on a weekend can make your weekend nights so shine. Even you will be proud to tell other friends at work earlier in the week.

You can also be in a place to drink in major cities in other parts of the world, visiting the café, bar or nightclub as part of the lifestyle of many young people.

Choosing herb cocktails, so review a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, would be one way to get to know the menu mainstay of a drinking place, getting to know the reliability of the bartender in concocting a drink of your order.

Although there are also some friends chose a cocktail based on the books menu bar of their choice only.

Various drinking places as a place to unwind, or a place to make an appointment with someone, a visitor from the nightclub was not too busy in picking drinks, in addition to cocktails, beer can also be a mainstay.

You'll know when it turned out there was no one cocktail that is deemed 'annoying', when guests order at the nightclubs. Especially when the club is in a crowded situation.

This is now appropriate recognition of the bartenders in California, USA, Mojito!

Mojito, Cuban typical alcoholic drink into a drink the most 'hated' by the bartender. Why is that?

Cocktails are made with a mix of white rum, lemon juice, soda water, mint and sugar. It sounds very simple and easy, of course.

Well, here is the problem, they, the bartender says, the making of this drink requires a lot of caution and concentration when mixed with juggling way.

The Hollywood - Image Credit L Priyanti, NY

Peter Madrigal, Manager SUR Lounge & Bar in West Hollywood, California to Bravo After Hours.

"The reason why the Mojito is the hardest beverage made is for the making takes time and concentration. Therefore, when the bar was full and you ask for a Mojito, so we felt like asking ‘are you facing the problem’?"

The cocktails require additional energy to produce, and the bartenders seem to say, so you should reserve at the time in a regular club or restaurant.

Madrigal is still in the mood mixed, the drinks that look refreshing because the mint leaves into a menu that are difficult in the making, the bartender should be busy chopping the ice and pick fresh mint leaves.

At least, this cocktail can be a test for prospective bartender at the Club.

Source: Megiza - Indonesia CNN, Bravo After Hours
Image: Raimonsocial via Wikipedia, L Priyanti, NY


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