Possible Errors in Travel Planning

7 fundamental mistakes that occur as a result you are too rigid in planning

Street of Paris - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Make travel plans often seem easy, you and your close friends are so excited to join to share travel proposals, but the fact is happening is very different.

Try to make all be realistic, that's the advice I got from the sites, CNN Indonesia, November 29. Besides a few tips I get from the site 1000traveltips.com about to plan travel trips you can do.

1. Too many plans

Should not rush while enjoying the atmosphere. You can be more accurate in view of time and conditions, in the end you and your friends can enjoy all the moments well.

Learn about the situation around the tourist areas, because some of the sights that may be less safe to visit until the evening.

2. The plan is too detailed

Avoid the details, because there is always the possibility of delays and cancellation of the event. Many things can happen that make the plan failed, so there will probably be a disappointment.

Should make a reasonable plan, and of course you and your friends want to get the little surprises that actually enjoyable, eg meeting the traditional market or meet the unique culinary sellers on the roadside.

3. Being a tourist in general

There is a particular desire of tourists to enjoy the unique atmosphere in a country of destination, for example, enjoy the winter for travelers from tropical country, or vice versa summer for tourists from sub-tropical countries.

You know, things like this are known as the moment of "peak season". The high price of accommodation, such as airline tickets and overnight rates.

According to the advice of travel experts, you can choose the spring and autumn as the best time to travel, and is known as the "off season".

For example, traveled in France during the autumn as the ideal season, the trees change color to yellow so it is very beautiful to be recorded in photographic and video equipment, or your smartphone.

4. Relying on a single source of information

Many ways to get information and make the search as much as you like, such as looking for cheap tickets, cheap hotels, attractive tourist sites and so forth.

Google Flights - Image credit Google

Use all the necessary information, for example from sites such as vlogs, travel blog, Google App, Google Travel, and even TripAdvisor, so you can make comparisons.

5. Forgetting small town

Travelers often fascinated by a well-known big cities, it is only natural for tourists.

However, take time in the planning for a small town, in addition to saving a lot of uniqueness, also you will get a surprise.

If you traveled to Paris, do not forget to visit other towns in the vicinity, you can communicate with local residents through the site Instagram, with its geotag and hashtag features.

6. Inconvenience with luggage

Arrange items briefly innate and practical, and you can avoid the possibility of a lot of questions of security officers at airports purpose.

Some examples are when you bring liquids, packed in a container that is easily visible.

7. Careless in the travel budget

Calculate all well, travel trip budget should be overstated by 25 percent for windfalls. There is always unplanned additional costs, for example the cost of ATM, internet, tax and tip purposes.

You must discipline with finances, so as not to run out of money for the trip back home.

When all was you consider and learn it well. Sightseeing trips you plan to do with friends will go well and be successful.

Source: A Ekasari Larasati - CNN Indonesia, 1000traveltips.com
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro, Google


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