Cheese with Chocolate, New 'Taste' of Australia

The new trend in the 'down under' with different flavors of cheese and chocolate

Choco 21 cheese - Image credit Curds and Whey, Melbourne

Chocolate bread with cheese, chocolate cheesecake, banana grilled chocolate cheese, and others apparently recently got the attention of the creators of culinary in the southern continent of Australia.

Not unexpectedly for some people, they want to feel the new sensation of both types of food in one bite. So you'll more often see in various outlets of pastry and culinary.

How do you imagine the two types of food, combined between chocolate and cheese and then be 'fun' in the mouth, you immediately know if the perpetrator of culinary tempted to make the kinds of cake or a new culinary which is the result of a combination of both.

They, as reported in an article on the sites Refinery 29, that the dairy products specialist in Melbourne, Curds & Whey innovate with Italian blue cheese, and chocolate original, and then produces a new product called Choco 21.

The new cheese creations which matured in chocolate liqueur, they make it more chocolate flavorful, where the cheese is coated with cocoa powder and added with chunks of chocolate.

And, the Choco 21 received tremendous response in social media, you know the new presentation of this cheese chocolate became viral, when you search for information through social media sites Instagram, you will not find it. Chocolate cheese "Choco 21" has sold out!

Even so, there is always a different attitude, some peoples reject the latest creations of the chocolate cheese.

They say that the variant of the cheese used is the type of 'smell' cheese, blue cheese, because the taste of blue cheese is considered to have the unpleasant aroma, smelled less convenient, especially when coupled or combined with chocolate inside it, it will produce the flavor combinations were considered weird.

Indeed, when we speak of 'taste' from the culinary creations, there's always liked and 'partly' refused, because of various considerations. You might be able to accept it, but your friend will argue differently.

But. You know. When the cheese is specially selected cheeses, blue cheese from Italy, so the chocolate cheese creations can be considered.

You can try the cake this weekend with your special 'cool' friend, and you will enjoy for the next.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Refinery 29
Image: Curds and Whey Page


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