'Forbidden' Foods in the World

Every country has its "do's and dont's" rules including for food

Black Beluga caviar - Image credit THOR

Healthy food, should so the desire of every person travelers when they wanted to enjoy a kind of a unique culinary journey in the country far from home, especially in the course of travel.

Apparently when someone wants to try the food in a country of destination, as well as through the rules that have been set by the state of the travel. A lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia writes, that every country has the right set up what is allowed, and what could happen in their country, including the matter of food.

They also determine the type of food and drinks are banned or consumed on the grounds and in order to justify the ban. However, you will find there are also quite strange, as written on the sites The Daiy Meal writing for consideration addiction.

Perhaps a more logical reason given to the public, for example, includes the production process, or raw materials prohibited by the government for endangering the environment, economic and socio-cultural ethics.

Beluga caviar

Beluga caviar is the beluga sturgeon eggs, a type of fish that live in the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea are threatened with extinction.

Not surprisingly then the beluga caviar consumption is prohibited in many countries to prevent illegal hunting caused the extinction.

Foie gras

Manufacturing through coercion to ducks and geese through gavage process, corn eating through a feeding tube.

Adverse effects to the animal, the animal liver swollen to 10 times its original size. Eating delicious, but angered animal activists.

More than 20 countries which prohibit, such as India, Germany, Israel, Switzerland. It was even banned from in a time in Chicago and California.

Haggis on a platter - Image credit Kim Traynor


Most popular products to-two in Scotland after whiskey, made from the heart, liver and lungs of cattle mixed with oatmeal, fat and spices. Then mixed and stuffed back into the sheep's stomach.

Terrible, but tasty, one of the country's decline is the United States, because of the prohibition of the use of cow lung.

Jelly Cup

Sweet food is considered illegal in all of Europe, because it contains konjac, konjac gum or konjac glucomannan.

Substance that causes addiction, chewy texture and is recommended to be eaten with a meal can potentially cause a choking hazard in small children.

Tomato sauce

The tomato sauce was banned in France, especially for children.

Considered damaging taste of the traditional French food, eliminating the original flavor of the food, though many school children are still allowed to enjoy the fries with a smear of tomato sauce.

Kinder Surprise Eggs

Kinder chocolate eggs toys turned out to be banned in the United States.

The food contains material that is not nutritious, and will make small children to choke.

Raw Almond

100 percent raw almonds are illegal in the United States, the rule of law on the illegal sale of raw almonds is made following the outbreak of salmonella in Canada, in 2001.

The case for increased consumption of raw almonds, almond should be cooked to a certain temperature or fumigated before they are sold.

Samosa - Image credit Rajan1981


Samosa pastry is healthy and tasty food. Types of foods made from meat stuffing, potatoes, and vegetables. But it turns out there is that forbids its citizens to eat samosas.

Muslim extremist group, Al Shabaab which controls the war in Somalia, forbids its citizens to eat pastry, because some sellers using raw meat samosas.

Samosas are also prohibited because the shape of triangles thought to symbolize Christianity.

When you are in a tourist destination, it's good to know a little about the rules that apply there. Is not there are always ways to enjoy the culinary offerings, perhaps elsewhere.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: Wikipedia


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