#Venexodus Makes Local People want to 'Get Away'

They have trouble with flooding presence of tourists in their city

Venice canals

Abundant tourist visits apparently not something pleasant for some world-class tourist area, which is so widely known in various aspects of tourism in the world.

I myself actually liked the hustle a tourist place with the presence of tourists, it is always nice when together in a crowd, and not feel fear rather than in tourist destinations relatively quiet.

But. This time I cite an article in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, they wrote about an extreme example where the refusal came from the residents of the city of Venice, Italy, who feel uncomfortable with the height of the tourist. As is known to more than 20 million tourists who crowded the streets of their town every year.

On the day Saturday, November 12th, dozens of people held a demonstration directed at the government entitled #Venexodus and threatened to migrate to another city.

Always there is dissatisfaction, high rents, is inversely proportional to the inn's offer.

Citing the article on Reuters sites, "Venice is a city that is fragile, not only structurally and physically, but to the social order," said one resident, Federico Permutti.

You did not refuse when talking about Venice, the city of a thousand canals, it is famous as a romantic place and has a long history.

The Gondola's Driver

Many things can happen to the tourist towns, the citizens desire so that tourists feel part of the city belongs to them, help maintain hygiene, traffic order and safety.

Indeed, the presence of millions of tourists on one side to make space for everyday locals disturbed, as written on the sites Telegraph on Saturday, November 12th, so that demonstrations they can be understood in specific conditions.

Say annual worship events, such as the ritual celebration of Catholicism, All Saints' Day, last week in fact surrounded by tourists.

Local peoples would be serious, they will migrate to other cities if the government did not immediately discipline about the travel permission to Venice.

"We do not hate tourists. But this is a protest against the policy of the city that have been implemented over the last 40 years," said Andrea Castelli, one of the locals who participated in the protest.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph, Reuters
Image: Pingkan Djayasupena


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