Don't Touch This Five Things in Hotel Room!

Hotels are not always identical to hygienic objects, at least need to be more careful

Santika Hotel Beach Resort, Kuta, Bali - Image credit Santika Hotel

Choosing a hotel is always through a number of considerations, such as safety and comfort factor, and so you will consider the cleanliness factor that became one of the goals of their guests.

Hotel is not always a place that meets all standards of hygiene, it was later discovered through research series entitled Hotel Hygiene Exposed and ABC News Investigation program, and reviewed further in the tourist sites, KompasTravel.

It is always a debate, the hotel reflects a clean place to stay. The more classy a hotel, then comes the assumption hoteltersebut provide the best service for all sides and standards. However, not guests also need to be careful while staying.

1. Remote Television

The dirtiest thing in a hotel room, and are often missed by the housekeeping staff. The study mentioned that the germs in the television remote more than on the toilet seat.

2. Telephone

One of the things which most touched and people breathe out when to use it, too often escapes the task of cleaning by housekeeping staff.

3. The bathroom sink counter

Note carefully, not only bacteria, fungus was also happy to nest on the bathroom counter, especially in the sink. do the cleaning in advance on sink before you use it.

4. Bed Mattress

In this section is where insects, such as fleas hiding in the mattress borders or boundaries indentation mattresses, and other isolated places. You should know that the sheets and mattress clean, not necessarily free of mattress fleas.

5. Ice Buckets

One of objects that often fail to be cleaned, which means that if you need ice, contact the hotel to ask for ice that coated by the previous bag. At least you are more protected from germs.

You'll find out that some of the objects and the location of the hotel is exposed to a lot of germs, you may not realize it, because it looks clean so not many guests were aware of the many germs behind the object.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Huffington Post
Image: Santika Hotel


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