Food Is The Important Things in Airlines

The food service to passengers to be important

Menu on airplane - Image credit Singapore Airlines. Illustration

Full service flights to be so different for passenger aircraft, because it provides a variety of amenities to pamper its passengers. Among others who directly felt is food and beverage facilities.

Apart LCC (Low Cost Carrier) flights in some areas got tremendous interest, because it has advantages in the ticket price, but no other full service features that accompany it.

While air travel with full service, you can see the difference, the airline will provide the best service, food and drink would be important.

Article in a travel site, KompasTravel, November 24th, reviewed the stages in service to the passengers, there are three stages of the service, ie pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight. Pre-flight services that pick up passengers and immigration; the in-flight entertainment, food and drink; and post-flight is a transit service and baggage claim.

Indeed, under conditions of a flight, the airline will have constraints situation in the cabin, such as dry air (in contrast with the moisture in the surface) causes more or less the taste of food to be bland.

Well, here is the challenge of the airline to provide the best food and beverage service.

"The food is a basic human need," said a principal airline in an interview with that site, November 14th, B Sujatmiko, Chairman Asia Pacific Onboard Travel (APOT) ASIA.

Through observations at this time, most of the airline that operates tend to pay attention to the accuracy of flight departure time and ticket reservation.

On this side of the airline is also feasible to consider in keeping the 'mood' of the airline passengers.

"Food is supporting the success of the airline," he said.

The airline does give focus on this, they provide the best services irrespective always obstacles that are less ideal humidity factor in the aircraft cabin space.

The best service to passengers of course be of interest, food and beverages with various touches ranging from taste to presentation can attract passengers to choose the airline on their next flight. Surely.

Passenger satisfaction become a common goal for all airlines, subsequently makes travel to various business and tourist region.

Source: W Adityo Prodjo - KompasTravel
Image: Singapore Airlines


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