Social Media for "Traveling" as the Local People

"Living like a local" is one of the most famous jargon for travelers

Times Square, New York

Interacting with local people in an area where travel is always tempting to be a part of the experience of traveling, so was born famous jargon among tourists, living like a local.

Imagine a situation when you seems to be locals, you can freely taste the typical cuisine, mingle in places where they hangout everyday.

The ability of social media, as reviewed at a tourist site, KompasTravel, the strength of applications found in social media can provide convenience for travelers.

You can easily search for something unique in a tourist spot, citing the sites Smarter Travel, looking for a place to eat or a restaurant to suit the tastes of the local residents.

1. Follow the official account of Twitter and Instagram

One of the strengths of the microblogging site Twitter is able to give an update on things and events in one place.

You can do this by trying to follow one or more Twitter accounts ‘belonging to local residents’ in the tourist area where you are today.

Picadilly Circus, London

Say you're traveling in Paris, try to follow the account of @ParisTrip on Twitter (account has only an example). You can do the same thing to the other social media such as Instagram. Here you can find places that are popular and 'instagenic' regional destinations.

2. Hashtags and geotag of Instagram

Instagram provides two very useful features along your way trip, that hashtag and geotagging features.

Hashtags will help other Instagram users in order to see the position and conditions at the spot destination. Through the hashtag you can find out what is the most widely used in these destinations.

Geotag allows you to see pictures of destinations in the place you go.

3. Click the “Like” Facebook Page official account on tourist destinations

Facebook facilitate ease of information from a tourist destination, through the official Facebook Page account of the destination city. This facility gives information about the agenda and spot destinations in that city.

4. Periscope

One more thing you can use the Periscope, this is map searching feature. You can see live events from around the world, you can find a variety of events, concerts, even you can enjoy the performances of the "street performer" at the same time.

Social media positively viewed from different perspectives, which makes the tourists more easily on their way. Of course you also have experienced it.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Smarter Travel
Image: L Sianipar, M Paath Djojonegoro


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