'The Right Way' Rules When Eating Sushi

Maybe you forgot the right way when eating Sushi

The Sushi resto, Tokyo

Sashimi or sushi, so they told me about the kind of Japanese food that does have flavors were delicious and nutritious, when a try, I guarantee you'll love it. You know if these foods require accuracy when eating.

Maybe you're wrong to enjoy it, or wrong to try it on one Japanese restaurant, try to look from a video featuring a professional sushi chéf, and they will show some rules while eating sushi.

Citing an article from the sites KompasTravel, show the best way when you're going to enjoy this food, because you'll know how the Japanese eat these foods.

As presented by Naomichi Yasuda, owner of Sushi Bar Yasuda in Tokyo, Japan, teaches how to eat sushi correctly, "Everything must be perfect and detail."

Sushi is made of many food sources, and even raw or undercooked meat, but the rice and not fish at all, the most important part of the sushi. These foods have different kinds of toppings, as well as a mixture of seaweed, stuffing, even the temperature must be considered to make the perfect sushi.

Other articles on the site Rocketnews24.com, that the rules of eating sushi is always done in the best way, because it becomes important to enhance the overall experience of eating sushi.

Some errors may occur when eating sushi is often done by foreigners and some Japanese.


You should be eating sushi roll by hand instead of with chopsticks.


Wasabi original is a typical Japanese plant. However, most of the wasabi used, especially outside Japan, is a mixture of horseradish, mustard and food coloring.


Ginger is eaten at the end. So, do not put shoyu (soy sauce typical of Japan) in ginger. Do not also eat along with sushi.


Habits of people eating sushi with dipping into shoyu. Preferably, enough dip to one side of the sushi into shoyu. For sushi roll (makizushi) enough to dip a little sushi tip to shoyu.

While for the nigirizushi – one type of sushi (rice with topping), use chopsticks to pick up sushi. Then behind the sushi and dip the fish side into shoyu and not the rice.

Enthusiasm enjoyed the food always carries its own volatility, Japanese food does have a different way. Doing it right also gives a delicious flavor.

Source: KompasTravel, Rocketnews24.com
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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