'fabric' London Reopens

The legendary nightclub was closed because of the death of a visitor, who is suspected of drug-related

The din of the night at fabric, London

fabric Nightclub back in operation and got a response from their faithful visitors including tourists who were in London, they are affected by problems resulting from the death of a visitor.

The case is crowded in major media reports at the time, and the legal defense was done, the efforts were not in vain, Monday, November 21, Islington City Council said it would not make an appeal and put an end to the lawsuit.

Excerpts news of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, wrote a response from the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who seems happy, because a positive impact on the image of the city, this is as a "fantastic news."

He also wrote on Twitter, citing the sites AFP, "fabric will be back in operation, and we will together find solutions to combat drug trafficking for the safety of visitors a nightclub."

Bustle of mainstream media greeted the case at the time, when two young visitors killed alleged by drug overdose, shortly after September, Islington City Council revoke the license to operate a fabric Nightclub at the request of the police.

Townspeople and tourists certainly identify with both the charms of the nightclub, known as the fabric nightclub consistent with drum and bass, techno and house, and I guarantee you will enjoy an attractive and sensational atmosphere there.

When closing a nightclub occurs, immediately townspeople looked a 'little' familiar with the atmosphere that occur, as well as various other nightclub, they fret.

A dynamic city both day and night, but starting from 2011, there were four cases of death which then makes Islington City Council in North of London revoke their operating license.

There is always a disappointment from various parties, including from Khan, he deplored the closure policy nightclub, according to the fabric is "an important part in the cultural history of the city". Despite the closure does not automatically affect the circulation of drugs, while the loss for night entertainment industries affected by its economic side.

Well, Top DJ of the World really liked this place, and that you might be taking your time to enjoy the frenetic atmosphere on the nights of London. And be prepared to dance!

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: fabric London Page


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