After Castro Dies, Cuba Travel Rises

Fidel Castro, leader of Cuba for five decades, died on Saturday, November 26

Havana by night - Image credit Crisijuan0

Castro did not pass the age of 90 years, and it was enough to make his country the attention of the international community, in a long history of being recognized by anyone.

Despite the pain that has long suffered over the years, residents in the country have known for a long time, they have to prepare early. However, one thing that makes a lot of people surprised is the impact on tourism of Cuba, according to an article in today's lifestyle website.

According to the news, the Statistics Bureau of Cuba mention the increasing number of tourists to a country known for the cigar, whatever the cause, maybe the travel agency with a sense of marketing, they sell Cuban tourism with the tagline, ‘Castro weakened’.

From the marketing side of this tourism strategic proved successful, in addition to the operation of airlines offer direct flights to Havana, capital of Cuba. Since six months ago, when Castro often in and out of the hospital, the number of tourists increased by 15 percent, and affect the growth of state revenues by US $ 1.2 billion.

Noted is striking is the level of tourist arrivals from the United States up to 80 percent, followed by tourists from other countries, such as Canada (the top rank of visits), Germany, Britain, Italy and France.

Other news articles, the Telegraph, the US low-fare airline, JetBlue, Monday, November 28 has opened direct flights, and American Airlines also released a new route from Miami to Havana. Including the latest, Delta Airlines will open a sales office in Havana, Dec. 1.

An expert on Latin American tourism from Audley Travel, Jonathan Goldsmith confirmed the revival of tourism in Cuba.

"Cuba has never been so popular travel destinations in advance, but the death of Castro obvious change that," said Goldsmith.

It seems that Cuba will be more excited to welcome the presence of tourists to the country, not only Havana intended for tourists, but also other cities such as Santa Clara, Camagüey, Cienfuegos or Varadero.

Special note from Goldsmith, an excerpt from the article, he suggested to visit the Village of Birán in Holguin province, Eastern Cuba, which is the birthplace of Castro, 90 years ago.

"The village was going to be a sacred place for the Fidelista. Moreover, since 2002, tourists can visit Castro's parents' house."

Travelers will agree, just like Castro during his lifetime. Castro saw the sun, sea and sand as an economic resource for his country.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph
Image: Crisijuan0 via Wikipedia


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