Wine Condoms, 'Anti-Leak' Wine Solutions

The new trend in avoiding wine spills, as unique creations 'safety' of a wine bottle

Wine Condom - Image Credit

How to use a condom might be no need to explain the details, especially in the various activities of intimacy, but the instigators of the culinary world apparently can not resist the impulse of their creativity that continues to grow without limits, and enliven culinary trends this year.

It is not surprising that often occur in a variety of places to drink, as the evening wore on, going 3-4 times or more a wine spill, it can even occur on other types of beverages in bottles spilled.

You will witness the presence of new creations, wine condom, frankly this is not a condom with the taste of wine, writes in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, the mention of condoms here is not the condom as a contraceptive, but rather as the 'safety' of a wine bottle.

Many ways to address leakage at the bottle lip, so the wine does not spill, and creations can come about easily, wine condom keep the wine from being spilled, so the article on the sites of The Independent, wrote that the wine condom effectiveness of prevention have reached 99.9 percent of the possibility of spills on the lip of the bottle.

You can see more about how they create, the product is characterized by a black color with gold-colored plastic packaging reads "wine condom", made in the packaging in a black box, with the words 'Protection For Wine Lovers.'

Interesting right? But that's how it looks, you like holding a condom in its true form, and condom packaging is intentionally made exactly condoms in general, and as a friend joked, "Be careful when you save it."

Of course there are risks when wrong in its use. Surely you do not want to be confused, isn’t it?

You will be amazed to see how to use condoms, because it is not just the packaging, but how to use condoms was the same as usual. You can try it on the bottle lip, then unpack the condom and put it up to the neck of the bottle.

Creativity is boundless, they make it easier for wine enthusiasts, no need to worry about the wine spills, and it was fun.

Source: M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: Wine Condom


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