Countries Where Locations Happened 'Killfies'

Sefie which ended with disasters in several countries

Dangerous selfie on the cliffs, Raja Ampat, West Papua

Selfie photos always brings a sense of fun and excitement that can be shared with a companion or more friends on social media. That is the way the mind of most of the millenials around the world, maybe.

It happened and meeting space of status updates on social media, it is always interesting to do it, because this is also a way to document a vacation trip.

You know if a lot of beautiful locations become destination selfie activity, but there are dangers lurking, originally wanted to take selfie pictures and led to death occurred in various parts of the world.

Of course, such cases can be a slog for travelers who want to take selfie photos at tourist sites to be more careful.

Whoever does not want to meet the doom, someone who came all the way to take pictures to the tourist attractions, the heart's desire to record the moments that felt. And want to quickly shown to friends in social media, photos and videos are useful to introduce areas with the potential to be visited by more friends.

Excitement for the pictures taken are not always safe, citing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, today, as noted, many cases of accidents, even deadly, as a result of such behavior.

Apparently the accident for the sake of accidents due selfie continue to occur, the article on the sites Mashable, Thursday, November 24th, India tops the list of countries which are often the scene of the accident due to selfie, with the number of 76 cases out of 126 cases of accidents experienced by the travelers there as from 2014 ago.

It becomes attracted the attention of an educational institution, Carnegie Mellon University records many facts that occurred, they give the title of the case as ‘killfies’.

You'll find out later that many cases led to death selfie, kilfies, occur in certain places, according to the results of a study of the institution, 87 percent of selfie deaths occurred in sea waters.

India became one of the favorite destinations of tourists, and became the second year ranks top of the kilfies list. Furthermore, Pakistan ranks number two with nine cases, the United States with a number of eight cases and Russia with a number of six cases.

That's life, who want to reject fate, although initially wanted to share photos with friends on social media, something dangerous waiting on the other end.

Be wary than the risks of wrench yourself, 'risk' is not comparable to any fantastic photographs.

Source: A Ekasari Larasati – CNN Indonesia, Mashable
Image: Helda M Wowiling


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