Buckingham Palace will be Renovated

UK mentioned that the palace should be immediately repaired

Tourists in Buckingham Palace, London

The Residence of The Queen has been recognized by the public in mainland Britain is The Buckingham Palace, and has gone through a long period of over 300 years.

It seems that the palace building has gained the attention of the British government, in addition to becoming one of the central attention of tourists from abroad.

But now the government decided in the near future to do a lot of improvement, there are certain things that concern given the historic buildings prone to fires and floods.

As quoted from the article a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, the Ministry of Finance Britain has considered the necessary budget, they are aware of the fire risk.

Through the forecast has taken into account the risk of fire in one wing of the palace, losses could reach 250 million pounds.

You've ever been to this country, and can observe how this building looks graceful, but there is always a risk a peek at the various sides, electrical installations at Buckingham Palace is fairly old, there are 160 meters of electrical wiring must be replaced, as well as the 6,500 socket, 5,000 switch 330 lamps and fuses.

David Gauke, head of the British Financial Secretary in an interview, told Reuters, "Some electrical installations at Buckingham Palace are older than 60 years, and it's not safe."

Indeed, an activity that should be done a thorough renovation, water heating system which has been operating since the 1980s, in 2,500 the replacement pipe radiator and 500 bathrooms and many other items concern.

I think it's not easy after realizing the magnitude of the building, there are 775 rooms, 19 meeting rooms, 52 guest rooms, room 188 staff, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms, and approximately 7.4 acres of floor to be demolished and replaced.

The great work of the British government, and tourists who were in London can understand it. Estimated renovation starting April 2017 and it took 10 years for the overall improvement at a cost of US $ 456 million.

But. Another interesting thing is the attitude of mind of most Britons, especially opponents of the monarchy, Graham Smith, CEO Republic said, "When everyone is feeling the impact of cuts, palaces constantly getting money from taxpayers."

They forget, the presence of tourists from various parts of the world to be one of the significant contributors in the income of a country. Including Britain.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: W Sjahran


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