The Italian "Recipe" As the Strongest State Tourism Industry

The tourism sector accounts for almost 12 percent of GDP of the country

Milan, Italy

The contribution of tourism to the revenue side of a country in the world apparently can not be considered small anymore, many countries in the world is aware of every potential that they have and can have a direct impact to economic progress.

Say you saw Italy as a country in the world, on the one hand be so exotic for tourists from around the world with various interesting tourist spots that make the flood of visits, so inconvenient for their local citizens.

But. The fact has happened, as the quote articles on travel sites, KompasTravel, November 21st, Italy is one of the countries with the strongest in the world tourism industry, the country which has the world heritage sites listed on the UNESCO, the highest in the world.

No wonder that other countries want to emulate the success recipe that befits tourism is obtained, by this country origin of pizza.

Every country sees opportunities contributions from the world of tourism, other countries made a target of tourists visit the world, for example, 10 million visits this year and beyond. As countries in the region who continue to compete to attract tourists, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand.

Countries continue to increase tourist visits, the target of 10 million has been reached, but this figure is still lower than the number of tourists who come to the land of their neighboring countries.

Various methods are used, as is done by the Indonesian government with a number of cultural and natural sites in Indonesia are recognized as world heritage by UNESCO is expected to become essential to boost tourism in Indonesia.

Tourism issues become so 'sexy', attracted attention and discussion in various forums of the world, Italy has done many things since 1909 by focusing on the maintenance of cultural heritage assets considering the number of high art history in the country.

As stated by Andrea Marcucci, Chairman of Commission VII of the Italian Senate, in the article, Italia provides incentives for filmmakers (cinematographer) that take location shooting in Italy, as one way of promoting about 20 regional areas in Italy as a tourism destination.

Boat of Burano, Venice

Tourism has become a magnet for all parties, Italy is focused in the development of their tourism, they are also working to expand its non-traditional tourist destinations, so its not centered on cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and some coastal areas in the southern region Italy.

Italian Constitution establishes budget setting and tourism activities and the preservation of cultural heritage managed by the local government, although in the long term requires the involvement of the state.

It seems that tourists of the world is longing for a sightseeing trip to Italy.

Source: KompasTravel
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro, R Rumambi


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